Organizer: Arts Maebashi

Adult 500 (300) yen.
University students and Over 65 years old 300 yen.
Free for High school students and under.

To what and how do we listen?
What should we do in order to hear sounds and voices that have never been listened to before?
What we hear is not limited to words. We are supposed to be able to listen to various existences on earth.
As we consciously listen to others, we will become aware that we are dependent on one another.
If we recognize it, listening can be connected not only to music but also to anthropology and history,
as well as to the demand of one's rights and the practice of nursing care.
In other words, it can connect the fields of politics, welfare, and environment.
Through this exhibition, we encourage you to listen to the world where multiple voices are echoing one another.

A look of exhibition hall

Photo: KIGURE Shinya


  • NOMURA Makoto
  • ONDA Aki
  • Angelica MESITI
  • WANG Hong-Kai
  • KOMORI Haruka + SEO Natsumi
  • Sung TIEU


  • KOMORI Haruka + SEO Natsumi
  • OKUMURA Yuki
  • SODA Kazuhiro
  • SAKAGAMI Kaori

Concurrent Exhibition

Memory of Place: Anamnesis

October 22, 2020 (Thu) – March 21, 2021 (Sun)
Admission free

  • ARIMURA Shintetsu
  • ISHIUCHI Miyako
  • ITO Zon
  • IWASAKI Takashi
  • OMI Tatsuo
  • KATO Akira
  • KANEKO Hidehiko
  • KIGURE Shinya
  • KODA Chie
  • KONDO Yoshio
  • SHIRAKAWA Yoshio
  • TSUGAMI Miyuki
  • NAKAMURA Kazumi
  • FUKUDA Tentaro
  • MASUDA Hirofumi
  • Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina
  • KAWAGUCHI Tatsuo
  • KUSAMA Yayoi
  • SUGA Kishio
  • SEKINE Nobuo
  • CHO Shigeyuki
  • TEYUYA Yuken
  • BAE Young-whan